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 Fashion meets philharmonic on the runway.

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Prisijungimo data : 2010-10-21

RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Fashion meets philharmonic on the runway.   Pir. 10 17, 2011 4:41 pm

Fashion and music joined forces for the finale of the four-day-long Fashion Week as the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra shared the stage with runway models showing off the latest in fall tUGG Bailey Buttonrends during the Sound of Fashion at USAirport in Rochester.

Rochester area boutiques and designers are very much in line with what’s currently in vogue nationally, with faux fuUGG Sheepskin Cuff
UGG Sheepskin Cuff Bootr, headpieces and tall boots dominating the show.

The crowd of over 600 people applauded loudly as the door to the hangar opened to kick off the show with RPUGG Sheepskin Cuff
UGG Sheepskin Cuff BootO music conductor Arild Remmereit getting off the plane and racing to the stage in a purple striped suit from Red Barn in Pittsford, followed by a dozen models strolling to the music of Amy Beach Symphony No. 1.

Sunday’s show had a very different vibe than the previous two runway shows as the pace was slower and more relaxed, allowing attendees more time to take in the fashion and the music.

There were some nervous moments about ticket sales as the 30, 000-square-foot hangar is the largest of the three facilities, says Fashion Week co-organizer Meghan Mundy. While not a sellout, Mundy says she is pleased with the ticket sales and 600 is by far the largest draw during Fashion Week.

Recapping the four day event: the boutique crawl drew more than 200 people, Art of Fashion Friday night near One Restaurant and Lounge in Rochester had a standing room only crowd of over 400 people and Height of Fashion at Memorial Art gallery Saturday night sold out with more than 500 people attending.

Fashion Week is on track toward its goal of $60, 000 to benefit the center for Youth, double the amount last year, Mundy says, noting that the donation of the use of the hangar and service personnel by developer Anthony Costello and the waiving of fees by Remmereit and RPOFashion meets philharmonic on the runway. concertmaster Juliana Athayde greatly helped their fundraising goal. All proceeds from ticket sales and vendor participation during Fashion Week benefit the non-profit agency.

For the new RPO music director, the event is a way to connect with a new audience, Remmereit says.
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Fashion meets philharmonic on the runway.
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